Fascinating Facts About Queensland That You Should Know

Queensland is the second-largest state in Australia, spreading across about 1,729,742 square kilometres. As for the population, it is considered the third-most populous state in the country. Queensland is home to around 4.5 million people. It is located in the Australian continent’s northeast, occupying about 22.5 per cent of the total area.

The state’s people have the opportunity to explore the best-in-class beaches and waterways, national parks, rainforests, and iconic landmarks. In comparison to Australia’s other states, the state’s people enjoy a better climate.

They get way more warmth and sunshine because the temperature in average summer is about 25 degrees Celsius. As for the winter, you can expect the average temperature to be around 15 degrees Celsius. Here are a few more fascinating facts about Queensland that you should know.

1.  A Lot of Well-Known People Are From Queensland

It is a well-recognised fact that many famous people are from Queensland. Many of the people born and brought up in Queensland are:

  • Miranda Otto – Actress
  • Bindi Irwin – Wildlife Warrior
  • Geoffrey Rush – Actor
  • Cathy Freeman – Athlete
  • Cody Simpson – Singer

2.  Queensland Features Five World Natural Heritage Areas

Australia is known to have precisely 11 World’s Natural Heritage Areas, and you can find 5 of them in Queensland. This includes:

3.  Northern Queensland Has Many Deadly Creatures

Many people think that Australia has a lot of deadly creatures and it is true. But it is not possible to fully understand it until you make your way to Northern Queensland or move there by buying a home. During your visit, you will likely regularly come across many warning signs related to dangerous creatures. “Dangerous” is used particularly for animals such as jellyfish, venomous snakes, cassowaries, blue-ringed octopuses, crocodiles, etc.

4.  Daintree is the Oldest Rainforest in the World

The Daintree Rainforest is a tropical rainforest which spreads across about a 1200 km2 area. It is known to be the oldest rainforest, which is still there. This great rainforest is about 165 million years old. Its ancients suggest that few of the plants did co-exist with dinosaurs. You can learn about many such interesting facts at Queensland Firsts.

5. The Great Barrier Reef Safeguards Queensland’s Shoreline

According to plenty of studies, the Great Barrier Reef is not only a visually appealing underwater world but also a very valuable natural ecosystem. It plays a major role in helping reduce the chances of property loss, loss of life, and erosion that take place due to natural incidents such as storms, waves, floods and tsunamis. Because it is parallel to the shore, between the reef’s location and the land, there is a water body. It plays a great role in preventing natural incidents from taking place. This way, the shore is safeguarded from any sort of disaster.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Queensland is one of the best states in Australia simply due to the number of activities you can indulge in. Learning about some fascinating facts, such as the ones mentioned in this article, will allow you to enjoy the things this beautiful state has to offer.

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