Queensland Achieves Its First Big Covid-19 Vaccine Milestone

In a happy turn of events, Queensland hit its first COVID-19 vaccine milestone on November 14th 2021, which the federal government had expected to achieve on November 19th. Since the start of the deadly pandemic in December 2019, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales have had hundreds of cases and taken measures to break the transmission of the viral infection. Therefore, Queensland achieving the major mark of 70% double vaccinations of its residents (aged 16 and over) is welcome news. What’s more, according to the state’s government, over 80% of Queenslanders have had their first dose, and 90% will be fully vaccinated by Christmas.

Ease On Restrictions

There is an easing of several restrictions for public safety and health after these positive changes. Here is what this means.

  • Eleven local government regions in South East Queensland are not impacted areas any longer. Therefore, now the entire state has the same restrictions.
  • The border pass system is being updated for eligible domestic travelers. Thus, they can come to the state from a hotspot and have to quarantine at home for 14 days.
  • Once a person completes the mandatory quarantine period at home or a government-facilitated accommodation, he/she doesn’t have to take the COVID-19 test within 2-3 days and can move around the state without hassle.

What To Expect?

Being fully vaccinated in the state is a reason for celebration as it will allow you to do things that non-vaccinated or single-dose people cannot. Here is what people with complete vaccination can expect in the coming weeks.

  • Once 80% of Queenslanders get double-dose of their vaccinations, or it’s December 17th, cinemas, theme parks, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cafes and festivals won’t have density limits.
  • No restrictions at weddings for fully-vaccinated attendants.
  • Additionally, you can visit near/dear ones at aged-care facilities, prisons, hospitals and disability services.
  • Families can reunite for Christmas and the holidays.

The ease of the restrictions for responsible and double-dosed citizens is a reward because they took public health advice seriously. So, if you have your first dose done, then it is time to get the second one after appropriate wait time to enjoy the benefits.

Things Interstate/International Travellers Should Know?

If you plan to come to Queensland from another state, you must be completely vaccinated and have a negative TGA-approved COVID-19 test in the previous 72-hours. Furthermore, your second vaccine should be at least two weeks prior to travel. People meeting these criteria can get a border pass from 5 pm on November 14th.

There is not much restriction ease for people travelling from other countries including New Zealand. Travellers coming from a direct flight to the state must quarantine at a government-approved facility for 14 days.


The drive to ensure all its residents are fully vaccinated is going strong in Queensland. Therefore, the state reaching this first milestone is a big reason for celebration. Considering this, you can expect more ease on restrictions once the state has 80% and 90% second-dosed residents.

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