Explore Brisbane: Its History, Firsts, and More!

The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is one of the most prominent places in Australia. It is the third most populated city in the country and reckoned for its high standard of living, thriving economy, and business/job opportunities. Along with Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is a metropolitan with a central business district, excellent public transport system, and sound education facilities. But was Brisbane always like this? Here are some insights into its history, things that happened in Brisbane first and much more information. Read on

Before the city had its name by which it is popularly known, the area was identified as the River City and populated by the aboriginal clans of Jagera and Turrbal according to recorded history. The Europeans came here in starting of 1800s and formed the New South Wales Colony of which Brisbane was a part because Queensland wasn’t separated. Brisbane was established before Queensland and became a part of it later. Its name is based on the Governor of New South Wales – Thomas Brisbane after whom the Brisbane River was named.


Brisbane Firsts

For a long time, Brisbane was a penal settlement where convicts from Sydney were sent. Its first convict jail was in Redcliff made in 1824 which was later shifted to the areas where the current CBD is of the city. The first convict-built structures in Queensland were made in Brisbane from 1828–1830. These structures include Commissariat Store and the Old Windmill which are still standing today. Other firsts that happened in Brisbane are listed as follows.

  • In the year 1859, the first Brisbane Council elections were held after the Municipality of Brisbane was announced.
  • The first mayor Mr John Petrie was appointed after the elections in the same year.
  • In another event of firsts, the first Governor of Queensland arrived in Brisbane in December of 1859. He was accompanied by his wife.
  • Not many people know this but the first telegraph line established in Queensland was from Brisbane to Ipswich which was later extended to Sydney.
  • The Cobb & Co. opened its first coach route from Brisbane to Ipswich in 1865 and it started in 1866.
  • The famous mascot Mr Fourex made its first appearance in Brisbane and it is perched on top of the Milton Brewery.
  • What’s more the first ‘talkies’ was screened in the 1929 in Brisbane.
  • The first woman minister of Queensland Parliament won from Brisbane. It was the seat of Bulimba and elected candidate was from the Country National Party.


Modern Brisbane


Brisbane has always been a bustling and thriving city since it was discovered. A lot of milestones of Queensland happened in this city and they still do. Modern Brisbane is built on the developments of the past and it continues to grow exponentially.


The Bottom Line

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and an international city like Sydney and Melbourne. The history of the city is rich and there were many firsts that happened here. Therefore, it is worth it to read the insights mentioned above especially if you live in this wonderful city or planning to move here.

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