Most Fantastic Facts about Queensland Everyone Should Know!

Queensland is a wonderful state which was earlier a British colony and in the 1800s a part of New South Wales. Queensland has as a surprising and extensive history as it has a present. There are many things people of the state and other parts of the world don’t know about it. If you are Queenslander or someone who has interest in knowing more about this state, outlined below are some of the most fantastic facts about Queensland everyone should know! Have a look.


  1. Geographically, the state of Queensland is the second largest in Australia with a total land area of about 1,727,000 square kilometres. That’s seven times bigger than Great Britain, 273 times bigger than Singapore, and five times larger than Japan.
  2. The population of Queensland is over five million. But contrary to popular belief most of the people don’t live in Brisbane. They live outside the greater metropolitan area of the capital.
  3. Brisbane the capital of modern Queensland was once a penal settlement for convicts sent from Sydney. The State reformed the city from a convict settlement and opened it for free settlement in 1842.
  4. The first newspaper published in Queensland is still running today and it is The Courier Mail. It was first published as Moreton Bay Courier and became known as its current name after two more name changes.
  5. Queensland has a temperate climate most of the year and it receives about eight to nine hours of sunlight every day.
  6. The world’s first labour government was established in Queensland that too way back in the 1899!
  7. Taking over 6.8 million hectares of land, there are more than two hundred national parks in Queensland.
  8. Did you know the first grammar school was opened in 1863 and free education was made available in the 1870? Queensland today is a great place for education because the history supports it.
  9. You can come to Queensland for cuddling koalas and learn more about because not only does the state has the world’s oldest and first koala sanctuary it has many others as well. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was established in 1927 and has hundreds of koalas.


  1. Gold Coast in Queensland is known as the Golden Strip and a place where many famous celebrities live or lived like Margot Robbie, Wayne Bartholomew, and many more.
  2. Queensland is home to one of the biggest natural wonder of the world – the Great Barrier Reef. It is a popular tourist destination where adventure is served many different ways.



Considering Queensland has a rich history and it is currently a popular place to live for many Australians, it is not surprising that it has so many fun facts. Whether you are Queenslander or someone interested in knowing about this, the facts shared above will help expand you knowledge about the this wonderful state.

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